What’s the weather?

Now Mars is in Cancer.

For the last month or so, the seas might have been choppy – Mars in Taurus didn’t want to get angry, but fuelled by Uranus, which stirs up even the smoothest waters, it had little choice.

Now, until the beginning of July, the energy is different, albeit not exactly better. In fact, in many ways, the seas might even get stormier.

Mars, the red planet, rules both anger and action and we all need a bit of both for a healthy life. But in Cancer, Mars is fighting in the sign of the crab and if you’ve ever watched a crab scuttling in the sand, you’ll know it never goes anywhere directly. Not only that, but Cancer is a water sign and so this scuttling crab (with its painful pinchers) is operating in the realm of emotions.

So, if during this period you’re feeling that you or another are being a bit touchy, it’s worth investigating more closely the underlying emotional weather – but please do be careful. 

  • What seems to be the trouble?
  • What’s your game plan?
  • Is it time for action – or not?

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