@ the mercy of her desires…

The ancients believed that archetypal themes or motifs format our experience of the world. Myth allows us to access these motifs in a meaningful way. Through identifying with the mythological heroes and heroines, we gain invaluable perspective on life experience.

  • Can you relate to them?
  • How have your life experiences been different or similar?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where did they go right or wrong?
  • Would you have done it differently?


For those born under the sign of Taurus, this myth is for you:

The God Poseidon helps King Minos gain his crown by giving Minos a magnificent white bull. But when Poseidon asks Minos to sacrifice the bull in repayment, the king refuses to part with it.

Taurus may be familiar with the king’s dilemma of what’s ‘mine’ and what’s not?

Poseidon is not amused and as punishment he causes the king’s wife to fall passionately in love with the bull.

Likewise, Taurus may sometimes feel at the mercy of her desires?

@ the mercy of her desires

Finally, the king’s wife mates with the bull and gives birth to the Minotaur, who is half man (intellect) and half bull (instinct). Conceived as the result of the king’s greed, the Minotaur is a shameful secret to be hidden in the dark labyrinth beneath the palace.

To avoid creating a monster, Taurus must temper instinct with intellect.

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