Practice Makes Perfect

Today at 17:05 GMT (not BST), Jupiter turns retrograde – i.e. he is back-pedalling through the zodiac rather than moving forward. 

When Jupiter is moving forward, it’s full steam ahead and because (since 5 November 2018), Jupiter is in Sagittarius (where he is very, very happy and productive), it’s been (potentially) a great time. The advice back in November was to take risks, albeit to read the small print and never jump in with both feet until you’ve checked out the full story. 

Now, with Jupiter in retrograde (until August 2019), you’ve got a unique opportunity to rethink your plans and if all that glitters turned out not to be gold, you have a second chance.

Second chance at what?

Good question.

This is how I see these next couple of months shaping up.

Somebody in this situation (it could be you…) believes that they’ve been doing all that’s necessary to accomplish the goal but this is NOT TRUE.  

practice makes perfect

It’s great to try things out – practice makes perfect – and so for the next couple of months, you can continue in this way – but when August comes along, spare yourself any illusions – if the objective is to be accomplished, more effort will absolutely be required. 

  • What would you need to do to make your dreams come true?
  • What do you REALLY want from this situation?
  • What needs to become clear for you?

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