When Pigs Fly

Today, Mars enters Gemini where he will remain until mid-May.

Mars, the red planet, rules both anger and action and in Gemini, he is ‘quick on the draw’. 

He is also of two minds and even as he advances on one front, the opposite view comes into focus and so he feels duty-bound to defend both with equal aplomb. 

With any planet in Gemini, thoughts and ideas fly around – it’s a volatile climate – an untamed wind – the weather vanes do not know which way to turn and so they fly aimlessly around and around.

This doesn’t mean that people are necessarily telling untruths, but it does suggest that they aren’t 100% certain what they mean.

As we get into the first week of May, Mars will oppose Jupiter, so take extra care because conversations might get a bit ‘hot under the collar’ and now the question becomes how much do you really need/want to win.

  • What seems to be the trouble?
  • How might you improve the situation?
  • Now what?

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    1. fingers crossed – Mars in Gemini is argumentative but more for scoring intellectual points than anything else! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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