Hot to Handle

Today, Mars enters Taurus. 

You’d expect this to mean things will be mellow.

Unfortunately for the next couple of weeks, Mars is in close contact with Uranus and that spells potential trouble.

Together, Mars & Uranus will be too hot to handle.

Mars, the red planet, rules both anger and action. Although he is essential in our lives (if we’re not to be pushovers), unless he’s handled properly he can get us into big trouble. When Mars combines with Uranus the energy moves up a few notches and becomes wilfully rebellious or, in some cases, simply too hot to handle.

So from now through the first week of March, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, before taking action ask yourself:

  • What is the best use of my energy right now?
  • What’s the worst that can happen?
  • What do I need to let go of in order to defuse the situation?

The good news is that during the second half of March, the prevailing energy should even out and least until April, things should be more stable.

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