With this new moon, it is not the time to loose your cool

Today, 4 th February, at 21:05 GMT we will enjoy the new moon in Aquarius. For the next couple of weeks, it’s time to talk about organisation, power, and leadership again.

Cool rationality isn’t just one of the blessings you can expect from this time, it’s an absolute necessity. 

Emotional intelligence (i.e. being aware of emotions – other’s and your own and how they drive behaviour) is more than de rigueur. It can make all the difference between success and failure.

Emotional Intelligence can make all the difference between success and failure

In all matters (and especially in business dealings) you must strike the balance between head and heart. Shouting will not get people to do their jobs well. Likewise, burnout and depression won’t help you to do yours well either.

You may be ‘master of the universe’ but you still need a break now and then.

When you feel life spinning out of control, Spend a a few minutes listening to some soft, soothing music. As you relax, imagine the music vibrating with a message of universal empowerment and peace.

Equally, you might get yourself an Emotional Capital Report, which is designed to to provide you with essential information about your leadership potential based on your emotional intelligence. For more information, click here.

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