Cement your plans

Since the beginning of January,  Mercury has been in Capricorn and you’ve had a good chance to put your ideas to the test.

Now, with Mercury moving in Aquarius (where it remains until mid-February), you have the chance to cement those ideas into concrete plans and to position them correctly.


The key to making the best of this period is to ensure that your plans are both rational and organized. They should benefit not just yourself but others as well. Indeed, the more socially progressive your plans, the greater likelihood of their happy fruition.

Avoid, however, the impulse to push your agenda too hard. During this period, taking on board the constructive comments of others can only strengthen your cause.

By contrast, taking a rigid approach (i.e. my way or no way) will not help. Indeed, such an attitude could cause your plans to spin out of your control.

In other words, communicate wisely.

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