Dream Catcher

Starting today (13 January), one of the major planetary aspects of 2019 gets underway when Jupiter and Neptune come together in an opportunistic square.

Because both planets are strong in their signs of rulership (Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively), you can expect this square, in the hands of someone both sensible and willing to do some good-old-fashioned hard work, to yield extraordinary results.

DREAM CATCHER.jpgJupiter is big picture, an inspired optimistic vision for the future. Combined with Neptune, which brings magic into your life, now is the time to catch your dreams and make them happen.

The trick, however, is not to go overboard.

Both Jupiter and Neptune share a taste for the boundless. Together, they are the signature of the dreamer/visionary with a foolhardy naivety. This is territory where usually, you’d be well advised not to tread but luckily, this time, there’s a mitigating factor, Saturn.

Saturn is all about accomplishment, duty, hard-work, and authority. Saturn grounds  both you and your plans. Saturn gives you a unique opportunity to dig deeper, identity the your plan’s weak spots , as well as to learn from your prior mistakes.

If ever your dreams can manifest, it is during these next nine months.

The next two bites of this juicy Jupiter/Neptune apple comes 16 June and 21 September. Saturn is doing a slow burn the entire time.

To make best use of this propitious period, why not undertake some astrological coaching right now?

  • What could happen if, magically, all obstacles disappeared?
  • What are those obstacles and from whence did they come?
  • What is your positive intention?

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