Life, be fit for it

With the New Moon in Capricorn (1:29 AM GMT on 6th January), you have an opportunity to begin anew to develop yourself physically.

new moon

Whatever your current level of fitness, you can always do more yet this is not to suggest that you should overtax yourself.

Always remember that not everyone is a gymnast anymore than everyone is a tennis star. Some benefit from lifting weights whilst others benefit from yoga. Although it’s difficult not to compare yourself to others, it’s easier to avoid this temptation when you keep in mind that when it comes to physical prowess, we each have our own needs and talents.

So, with this New Moon try something new in your exercise routine – see how you like it – and liking it is definitely more than half the battle.

  • What’s your goal?
  • What’s your action plan?
  • What does fitness mean to you?

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