Personal Branding – aka – how to positively distinguish yourself from the crowd

You already have a personal brand, whether or not you know it.

If you’ve not built it yourself, then others will have created it for you:

  • She’s friendly,
  • He’s not.
  • We can count on him to finish the job,
  • She makes a mess of everything she starts.

Your personal brand shows the world that which makes you unique, that which makes you stand out from the crowd. It not only defines who you are but also that which you value.

Personal branding has long been used by the likes of Oprah, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Naturally, with time, both you and your brand will evolve. But you have to start someplace and the best place to start is with the essential qualities of your natal, or Sun sign. Even someone with the same sign as you will express those qualities differently. This is because each person’s Sun is positioned differently within his or her chart.

Mood boards, a collage containing a variety of images, text, and/or other objects to express feelings, values, and ideas, are often used by professional designers to help  their business clients to develop their brand identity. You might use one to develop your own personal brand.

Look for images that convey what is important to convey the essence of you. For example, are you playful or serious, simple or sophisticated, feisty or calm?  What do you want most in life? What motivates you to get up each morning and start a new day? When narrowing down your choices, stay focused on your message.. Each time you decide to include something,  make sure it communicates an essential aspect of what it means for you to be the best that you, personally, can be.

Astrologically, this equates to your Sun, or Star sign – where you shine!


moodboard communication
My Sun is in Libra and it’s all about relating and communication

Your astrological sun is your essential focus, shining like a lighthouse beacon to  keep you clear of the rocks and safe on your path.


  • With my Sun in Libra, my focus is on relating and at least to me, that implies a two-way street requiring listening as well as talking. I’ve conveyed my take on this in the mood board above.
  • If your Sun were in Aries, your focus would on breaking new ground whilst if in Taurus, it would be on establishing stability.
  • Gemini’s focus is to facilitate communication whilst Cancer gathers folks together in an intimate group.
  • The focus of Leo is to deliver good cheer to self and others whilst the focus of Virgo is to sift through that which has been harvested so as to extract all that which is of benefit.
  • Scorpio is meant to shine light on that which is other hidden so that it can be dealt with in a timely manner whilst Sagittarius shines light on that which is, as yet, a mere potentiality.
  • Capricorn shines his light on organisational systems so we understand how they work whilst the focus of Aquarius, a fragment of Capricorn’s light, is on showing up the cracks and crevices that require fixing.
  • Finally, Pisces is meant to refocus the light through a different lens so that dissolves boundaries.

Hopefully, that’s enough to get you started and have fun!

In the new year, I plan to offer coaching workshops or webinars on using astrology for personal branding so if you might be interested, please sign up for my blogs and newsletters and watch this space.

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