Whether or you wanted this matters not

  • What changed?

  • What caused it?

  • What will you take from this moving forward?

new moonThe full moon is usually the time of harvest, of manifest, tangible gains.

With this Full Moon in Cancer on 22 December (17:50 GMT), you can expect this and more because with those  gains, also comes some dramatic changes.

That which once stood as a bulwark in your life is slipping away to be replaced with something new and different.

Whether such change is in keeping with your plans, matters not. Whether it is in keeping with the wishes of others is irrelevant. The reality is that with the passing of time, you’ve out-grown something and this is most likely to show up in regards to your loyalties, be they personal or professional.

Now’s the time to honour the past whilst at the same time turning to face the future. With this Full Moon it is especially important that you make some outward sign, some obvious signal to both self and others of your commitment to what comes next.

Don’t be tempted to sit quietly by the side lines and hope that no one notices because this time, they will do.

Be proactive.

How do you manage change?

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