Live and learn

  • What does this teach you?

  • Is this an opportunity to learn more about yourself?

  • If you were giving yourself advice right now, what would it be?


What if you had 5 magic minutes to speak with the person whom you most admire and respect? Maybe he or she is your real-life hero or heroine or maybe he or she is from a prior generation, someone whom you would have loved to have met? As you line up your questions, what will you be thinking? As you listen to the answers , what will you make of them? What did this person do to makes you so respect and admire them and, more importantly how did they do it?

  • What if you talked to everyone this way?
  • What could you learn from others’ unique experiences?
  • What if your own unique experiences could help someone to learn something?
  • What if in helping them to learn, you learned something more?

Now that the Sun has entered Capricorn (21 December 2018 at 22:24 GMT), you’re in a position answer such questions and make the best of the answers. Capricorn is about making order out of chaos, overcoming challenges, and learning from mistakes – your own and those of others.  Capricorn is also about the possibilities that might arise from increased patience, dedication, and discipline. Capricorn is about development through overcoming the obstacles in your path.

Why care?

Because, according to Capricorn, when you stop improving yourself, you’ve stopped living.



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