The theatre of opportunity

  • What might you gain if you go for it?

  • What might you lose if you don’t?

  • What more do you need to decide?

me and ju in sg

From 12 December (23:44 GMT) until Mercury is back in Sagittarius having dipped  into Scorpio for awhile. However, unlike back in October when Mercury first entered Sagittarius, he’s now fast applying for a conjunction with Jupiter.

The by-word during this period is propaganda.

This is a heady mix of promise, talent and possibility. It also includes a high dose of fantasy and theatre. If ever there was a time for propaganda to catch and spread like wildfire, it’s when Mercury and Jupiter come together. Jupiter expands all it touches and Mercury’s ambivalence regarding ‘truth’ is well-documented.

When Mercury first entered Sagittarius (8th November), the advice was that honesty is the best policy and all that glitters is not gold. This remains valid but now there’s an added twist.

Watch out!

There’s good chance that someone is deliberately trying to misrepresent an opportunity and the temptation to grab it will be hard to resist not the least because the anticipated rewards appear so great.

This is not to suggest that genuine opportunities can’t come along during this time. It is, however, to suggest that rather than just reading the small print yourself to ensure that what you’ve been told will be what you’ll get, you may want to hire a good lawyer to do it for you.

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