When will your ship come in?

  • What’s the dream?

  • What does your intuition tell you?

  • Where will you go from here?

new moonSo I’m told, during the two weeks following a New Moon, everything grows more quickly including your hair.

This makes the New Moon a perfect opportunity to commence new endeavours and with this New Moon in Sagittarius on 7 December at 7:22 AM GMT, it’s important to recognise opportunities for what they are.

You know that not every opportunity that you choose to pursue will pan out to your liking no matter how much you try to make it otherwise. On the other hand, if you’re always too busy waiting for the moment that your ‘ship will come in’, you’ll miss many opportunities that life offers up in the meantime.

I mean, what if that particular ship for which you’ve been so patiently waiting has, unbeknownst to you, already sunk somewhere mid-sea?

During this New Moon, it’s worth keeping this old proverb in mind:

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

How will you evaluate your opportunities?

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