Honesty is the best policy


  • What do you mean?

  • How does it feel?

  • Can you say more?

ME in SG_

All good questions and, on 31st October, when Mercury enters Sagittarius where he will remain until the beginning of January, you’ll be in position to answer them.

During this period, you need to address issues as they arise – swiftly and directly. Be open and honest – say it like it is – both good and bad – but please, don’t go overboard because if you do, it will be difficult to backtrack.

Do not let situations fester.

Usually, the only thing that comes from procrastination is anxiety. Letting something stew, only delays the inevitable. This does not mean that you ought to speak without thinking any more than it means that you ought not to ‘sleep on it’ before taking action.

It does mean that we do more harm than good when we fail to be honest and direct in our communication. Don’t be too proud to say the truth when it needs to be said but do consider how best to say it.

But remember – this is not the time to indulge yourself by airing every grievance. Neither is it the time to sit silently on the sidelines and play the victim or martyr.

If ever there was a time to set things to rights, it’s whilst Mercury is in Sagittarius.

What will you choose to do?

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